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Factory Stamping Machine Parts Galvanized Steel Ventilation HVAC System Hvac Duct Corner Flange

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CR 40

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Product Name Duct corner 40
Material Steel Sheet
Color Blue
Surface Finishing Zinc Plated 5μm
Function Connection in Ventilation Duct for HVAC systems
Thickness 2.3mm
Products Duct Corner; Flange Corner;


Duct corner is a separate flange install onto the for rectangular ductwork. It is used for air duct combination with flange corner, flange cleats and clamps. The Flanges attach to the duct wall and have an integral mastic which allows the flange to seal itself to the duct. It make the air ducts leak-proof, durable and aesthetic.

Application ideals

1. Simple and convenience compared to manually-applied flanges

2. Noise-free since the flange is an integral part of the cut body unlike other flange connection types

3. Ducts can be assembled or dismantled without affecting the firmness of the duct

4. Easy to Install, firm and adjustable
Exactly, Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning a building is in a forced air system and accomplished by using ductwork, SAIF is just the factory mainly produce various kinds of elements used in the DUCTWORK, Ducts are conduits or passages used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air. The needed airflows include, for example, supply air, return air, and exhaust air. Ducts commonly also deliver ventilation air as part of the supply air. As such, air ducts are one method of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort.

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